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            Our ocean is our greatest asset. It gives us food, water and clean energy, and it needs our help.


            Ways you can make an impact

            Together we can act for ocean health and the good of our planet. Our time to make a difference is not tomorrow, it’s now. We must create ocean-positive action today!

            Carlos Drews

            EVP, Conservation

            Our global impact

            Our 750+ Ocean Wise Seafood partners are all over the world, and are as diverse as our oceans, lakes and rivers.

            The WhaleReport Alert System has sent over 10,000 alerts to ships, helping them to avoid collisions with whales. You can help by reporting your whale sightings using the WhaleReport app.

            In 2019 alone, volunteers for the Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup program helped remove plastics and other litter from 3,937 km of shorelines.

            Our mobile programs feature marine artifacts and hands-on interactive activities designed to encourage passion and care of our oceans and waterways.

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            Help spread the word

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